Binary Heart was born in 2010, out of a strong friendship and love of music, to Mike Costa (BTMI/ASOB) and Steve Wozniak (Legitimate Business/Civil Warmth). The duo released an acoustic EP in the summer of 2011 called “At Your Lowest,” followed close behind by their first full-band release, “Splitsville,” in July 2012.

The group was joined by Erica Clayton (HKPOE!) in 2013 to help put together a few more full-band singles that never made it to a record of their own. In 2014, Jon Greco (Nix86) rounded out the group, fresh from writing a record of his own with Rebels Fighting Robots.

2015 brought a big change for the group as they began writing their first full-length record, “Brighter Days,” which was released in the fall with a debut performance to a sold out crowd at Gainesville, FL’s The Fest. With this experience behind them, Binary Heart is ready to make a name for itself in the punk scene. With a little help from their buddies, they can take on the world (of punk) - but first they'll start with taking on the tri-state area.